100% Pro-Worker Score - Competitive Enterprise Institute

"Spirit of Enterprise Award" - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

A+ Pro-Gun Leader - Gun Owners of America

“Champion of Healthcare Innovation” - Healthcare Leadership Council

"Tax Fighter Award" - National Tax Limitation Committee

Guardian of Small Business

"Defender of Economic Freedom Award" - Club for Growth

"Taxpayer Super Hero" - Citizens Against Government Waste

"Guardian of Small Business Award"
 - National Federation of Independent Business 

"Defender of Liberty Award"
- American Conservative Union 

Defender of Liberty

"Taxpayers’ Friend Award" - National Taxpayers Union

"Hero of the Taxpayer Award" - Americans for Tax Reform
"True Blue Award" - Family Research Council 
"Guardian of Small Businesses Award" - National Federation of Independent Business 
"A in English Award" - U.S. English 

"Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award" - 60 Plus Association